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Plain Bob Major

In Plain Bob Major, 2008 language itself is probed, syntax and linguistic structure being subjected to examinations previously reserved by the group exclusively for the image. A predetermined sentence is programmed into a large-scale sonic sequencer hand built by the group in their Hackney Wick studio. As a participatory object, the viewer in asked to interact with the many knobs and dials that sprawl across the sequencers facia. Pre programmed and linked to speakers, the sequencer ordinarily repeats the sentence in its regular syntactical order, however with each tweak and turn the viewer effectively, but unwittingly and without obvious control, commands the sequencer to reorder the words in the sentence. In effect what was once a logical statement becomes a scattered combination of elementary words forming a new non-sensical and aleatory language structure.

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17 2007 1
Plain Bob Major (Detail)

Plain Bob Major (Detail)

Seventeen Gallery, London 2007
Plain Bob Major (During construction)