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Solina Hi-Fi play live, here are some pictures and sounds…

Look at the out page for news of upcoming events…

Glastonbury 2011

Live @ Glastonbury Festival (synth and drums) by Solina Hi/Fi


Studio Party, London 2010

Hayward Gallery, London


live in Jena (Germany) 2009


(From a blog review of the Corsica gig…

The first act is Solina Hi-Fi; they produce some interesting noises and at times stray into ambient soundscapes. However, this appears to be all performed on a laptop, and I certainly don’t feel that someone sitting behind a laptop playing sampled sounds constitutes much of a live ‘performance.’

Well I suppose its better than dropping ‘he’s got the whole world in his hands' over an out of sync CR8000…)

Concrete and Glass Festival


Hackney Wick, London 2010

Roundhouse, London 2009