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A film by Criodhna Costello

accompanied by a live soundtrack composed by Solina Hi-Fi

polaris still

Shot using time-lapse over the course of one night, Polaris appears to show the gradual precession of the stars as they slowly rotate around the North Star. By dissecting motion and re-presenting it as a chronological sequence of images, this work is less concerned with reasserting the values of clock time, than with the representation of time as it is incarnated through movement. The attention of the viewer is held using little or no action and no development other than the passing of time.

Solina Hi-Fi’s soundtrack uses similar ideas of time and repetition within the strategies of sound and music production. Taking the cyclical nature of a vinyl record and the reproductive nature of magnetic audio tape, they have recorded and played back the calls of a nightingale in an endless cycle. The nightingale, a bird who calls regardless of it being day or night with a song comprised of similar elements, never repeats the same arrangement or phrase. These songs, as well as the amplified sounds of the mechanics of both tape machine and turntable, create a dynamic soundtrack for the film, both using time as subject and material.

pol 5

pol 6

pol 2 pol 1

all pictures taken by Kevin Jude Walters