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Solina were invited to perform as part of the Propellor Island exhibition ‘Milliard City' at Elevator Gallery in March 2010.

Amongst the exhibits of ‘The Disconcerted Concert Party’, we constructed a circle of speakers suspended from the gallery ceiling. Using this as our ‘output’ we created an intense, evolving drone - a sonic environment within the boundaries of the speaker circle. The arrangement of a circle enabled a precise placement of sounds relative to each other and to the audience. This unique performance took the circulatory motion of the screw, the propeller as its locus, transposing an acoustic maelstrom into the space via psychoacoustic illusion and scientific control.

Rotator performance, Elevator Gallery, London 2010

propeller final A5

Propeller Island is an artist led collaboration based in London. It operates out of a variety of venues as a mobile arena for exhibitions, residencies and events. It takes its name from the novel by Jules Verne, which tells the story of a string quartet that gets lured to perform on a floating utopian island. Taking the structure of the book as the framework, the group intend to present an equal number of projects, each representing one of the 25 chapters of the book.